Apply for Admission Steps (2020-2021)

  • Step1: Read Student's Handbook Carefully.
  • Step2: Fill in the Admission Form and receive your order number by clicking on Here
  • Step3: Book an appointment for the admission test by clicking Here.
  • Step4: Transfer the admission test fees (SR 200) for each student alone to LOIS bank account, and submit a copy of transfer before the admission test.
  • Step5:Do The Online Admission Test. HERE
  • Step6: When the students pass the admission test, you will receive an SMS, and must complete the registration . HERE
  • Step7:Pay enrollment fees (SR 1500) for each Student alone to LOIS bank account, and attach a copy of transfer.
  • Step8:Submit a copy of the registration form, & the registeration requirements for each student to the registration office..

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